CommunityFulcrum Launched

Communities have always had a very powerful impact on an individual’s life.

CommunityFulcrum helps map the underlying purpose and goals of each community and enhance the way members interact and provide value to each other.

CommunityFulcrum helps build communities around a purpose without regard to time and geographic boundaries.

One very powerful demonstrator of this is Sherpify – – a community that helps students find their first job.

It provides powerful features to register aspirations, seek/provide help, share information, network, participate in projects to build engagement and effectiveness.

The Problem:

Communities traditionally have formed around proximity – so if a member is not physically present in the vicinity, he/she does not obtain the full benefits of belonging to the community.

Further, as members constantly move or their needs evolve, the efficacy and in some occasions the very raison d’etre of the community can be lost.

Our Solution:

CommunityFulcrum helps members of a community, such as customer groups, travel buddies, employees in a department,…. define their purpose.

The intuitive and powerful tools of the platform help users connect, interact, share, learn and contribute to improve the effectiveness of the community for each member.

Building global communities which transcend the confines of time zones and geographies are extremely easy with CommunityFulcrum.

Our Success:

We have built Sherpify – on the CommunityFulcrum platform to help transform the way students find their first job.

The application builds a community comprising of students, institutions, and organizations to help achieve the career aspiration of each student from the day they start their college life.

By helping define aspirations and build ability over a period of time, the application is proving to helping students find their dream jobs and organizations highly talented and engaged employees.


ForceFulcrum is now on WordPress!

We are all about leverage – helping organizations achieve multifold increase in the return on their investments.

Our Solutions:
We bring to our customers a multitude of offerings that range from providing a specific point solution to generic platforms that meet the myriad needs of an organization.Our advisory services are designed to work closely with employee teams of our customers and craft solutions that help scale operations and deliver outsized results.

Our Customers:
We have earned the privilege of working with a range of small(including start-ups), medium and large size customers in real estate, pharmaceutical, banking, financial services, logistics, media, retail, government, education and research.

Our Community out reach:
We strongly believe that we have a duty to help the societies we live in with our time, ideas and resources.
Delivering a significant portion of our operating margins each year to reputed NGOs is a corporate mandate.

SalesFulcrum-Sales-As-A-Service Offering from ForceFulcrum

ForceFulcrum launches – SalesFulcrum – a sales-as-a-service offering that is set to redefine the way companies look at their sales function.

Developed after much thought and built firmly on the foundation of over 50 years of combined experience of its principals, SalesFulcrum offers our clients an easy means of validating their ideas, securing some early clients, building a customer advisory council to further improve their products and setting up a robust sales engine to meet company goals in the short, mid and long term.

If you are looking to put rocket boosters under your sales figures, please read –

We are very excited about the traction we have witnessed so far and more importantly, the work we have started delivering to our customers.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping increase your revenues.   –